Mr. Neil (mrneilesq) wrote,
Mr. Neil

Pranked Again...

Ah... another sucessful prank. This time, I disiphered Jon's Livejournal password, and posted the following. Probably the most entertaining part was writing an actual Neil Fan Club Anthem for when a user clicked on his Current Music selection. My goal was to keep it up as long as possible, without him finding out, (to combat his ultra sparingly once a month posts) so I disabled the auto-email for comments on the post. Of course, I can never resist dropping flagrant hints in these situations, mentioning his password every five seconds out of context when I chatted with him through AIM. Surprizingly, he didn't even notice, and I'll wager it was Mat's asking what the post was all about that tipped him off. Next time, I'll see that "Squeals Malone" is offed before starting a new caper, or at least bribed.

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