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Mr Neil's Inane Ramblings

"What Nightmares and Hotdogs are Made of..."

Mr. Neil
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I'm the closest approximation to a cartoon character that exists in reality. As such, the only viable career path would tend to be in Animation or professional guru on the subject of flawed logic. I work for a local cartoon-factory. A working animator? that's got to be an oxymoron, or at least poetic justice.
aardman animation, after effects, aib, air hockey, animation, annoying my friends, arcades, art institute of boston, bad impressions, barney rubble, beau hunks, bill waterson, bluto, bugs bunny, calvin and hobbes, cap'n crunch, captain mcallister, carl stalling, cartoon music, cartoons, catholic, catholicism, cel animation, charles shultz, charlie brown, chess, chico, christianity, chuck jones, church, classic arcade games, classic comedy, classical music, claymation, clerks cartoon, colin mochrie, comedy, comic book guy, comic books, comic strips, comics, commodore 64, computer animation, computers, curly, daffy duck, derby hats, dilbert, donkey kong, dr. katz, drawing, e.c. segar, earthworm jim, elmer fudd, emulation, eugene the jeep, family guy, flash, fleischer studios, frogger, futurama, game & watch, gameboy, groucho marx, hal roach studios, hans moleman, harpo, home movies, homer simpson, homestar runner, homsar, improv, j. wellington wimpy, jack benny, jackie gleason, james finlayson, jason alexander, kevin james, laurel and hardy, little rascals, looney tunes, lucid dreaming, making pointless jokes, mame, marvin the martian, marx brothers, matt groening, max fleischer, megaman, mel blanc, michael richards, monopoly, moustache twirling, mr. burns, mst3k, mystery science theater 3000, nerf arena blast, nes, newsradio, old time radio, oliver hardy, our gang, overblown verbiage, pac-man, peanuts, phil hartman, photoshop, pink panther movies, poopdeck pappy, popeye, porky pig, q*bert, ragtime, rocky and bullwinkle, rotoscoping, rube goldberg, ryan styles, sammy timberg, sea hag, seinfeld, shemp howard, silent comedy, slapstick, snes, sock puppets, sons of the desert, soup2nuts, stan laurel, strong bad, super mario brothers, super mario kart, talking in a falsetto, tapper, tex avery, the 1930s, the 1940s, the honeymooners, the muppets, the simpsons, the three stooges, thimble theater, tony slattery, trogdor, video games, wallace and gromit, wario, wayne knight, winston sharples, worms: armageddon, yahoo pool