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A shrine to my inability to grow up.

Presenting for your edification and my sense of smug self-satisfaction, the eighth wonder of the world: Mount St. Collectible. While naturally occurring in nature, the wall embedded display case really can't be classified a modern marvel without hundreds of (gullibly perceived) man-hours carefully arranging all of the finest (read: too modern to be worth anything) trinkets.

Notice how a dissimilar element is placed betwixt two like elements; A motley crew of figurines between two tiers of Popeye memorabilia - like a sandwich... made of plastic, and... being totally inedible... kind of like a *fast food* sandwich... made of plastic. I'm going to stop writing metaphors now.
The case stands proudly, like a novalty manatee toupee glued to a plaque.  O.K. *NOW* I'll stop.
If you'd like to donate to our worthy cause, to help keep up our high cost of operation (read: buying more toys that I really don't need to be truely happy) Paypal me in denominations of $100 - erm... to keep the sum cleanly rounded. This historical museum is not open to the public, so after making your donation, kindly remove yourself from the premises, taking extra care to rough yourself up in the process. And remember to come again. Well, maybe just your wallet.
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