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Sweet Heavens! The unthinkable has occurred! Whilst browsing the Animation World Network, I found an advertisement for a job. It required those interested, to animate a 30 second stretch of Flash footage as a sort of preliminary to weed out applicants, with one potential winner getting a cash prize and many other commissioned jobs down the road. I decided to throw my figurative hat into the proverbial ring, defying every instinct I had, not to mention how the Illustrator's Ethical Pricing Handbook strictly forbids anyone to do work on speculation, under penalty of being whipped with a butter churn. I still animated it, seeing as I really wanted some new work to put on my demo reel, and I felt it would be a good practice exercise for my Flash skills. Now it seemed utterly impossible, seeing that over 75 industry professionals entered their resumes and reels in this competition, and I pretty much gave it up as a lost cause as soon as I pressed the "send" button with my entry. Wanton Willie-nillery certainly paid off, as *I WON*. After passing out from the shock into a salad bar (which, incidentally, I never should have had installed in my bedroom), I relished my victory. So aside from collecting the highest per hour wage in my life to date, the piece is going to have exposure on the evening news - possibly country wide, considering the theme of the piece is "What will Dan Rather do, now that he's retiring?".

It's already up on the American Comedy Network, here:

I could not be happier. Couple this with fairly frequent work from one of my former professors in a video usability lab, and my standard gig at the Art Institute, I think I'm well on my way to not having to pick through dumpsters for accidentally discarded expired coupons!

Today, the American Comedy Network, tomorrow the *WORLD*...comedy network.

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