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A Year in Review

 In an ongoing effort to tell the people what they want, then give it to them begrudgingly, I submit the following:

Neil's LiveJournal Year in Review Or: 2004, We Hardly Knew Ye
January: No Posts Febuary: No Posts March: No Posts April: No Posts May: No Posts June: No Posts July: No Posts August: No Posts September: No Posts October: No Posts November: No Posts December: No Posts Ah, what memories.
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This reply brought to you by the Fermented Drink Industry. "The Fermented Drink Industry: Keeping you from safe from rational thought since the dawn of civilization"


January 18 2005, 00:41:22 UTC 12 years ago

Considering I just stalked you up after 5+ years: an update once every 3 months is highly disappointing. It leaves up to me to decide if the gaps represent either adventures in the Foreign Legion or stints as a free-lance beard model (which would explain the goatee).

Paul N
Good Heavens! Mr. Nabutovsky, be that you? I never had you pegged as the Sherlock Holmes type, but this little publicity stunt has trounced that faulty view. I can only assume you paid an inflated sum for a full background search, and noticed my thick criminal record file, loaded with failed attempts alternating between trying to take over the world and to destroy it completely. So let me extend a hearty congratulations in letting your wallet do the work of 10 healthy men.

I surmise by now that you're a multimillionare playboy, probably amassing your wealth though some sort of computer fraud, and/or tax evasion scheme. Either way, I extend my kudos, and request for multiple loans and do-nothing jobs.

As for my less than regular posting, I'm a firm believer in hiding everything about myself from everyone always. Granted, it may not have been in my best interest to start a site chronicling my life, with such a personality quirk, but I've never been one to take the easy (read: sane) approach on any aspect of life. A good guess, the enrollment in the French Foreign Legion, but inaccurate, I'm afraid. I learned a long time ago joining that establishment can only end with the applicant reincarnated as a horse after a comic plane crash. As for my facial topiary, I think it's a given that I'm so unbelievably trendy that I effectively lap coolness by such a great distance, that it looks like I'm actually behind the trend. Rest assured, this is a mere optical illusion, and I'm every bit as hip as I claim to be, possibly even more-so, if I've stumbled by a good yard sale of four generation old clothing. (History is cyclical. Don't even TRY to argue that it's not)

Well, since you've left no email address, you leave me no choice but to hire a detective to sleuth you out of hiding. Either that, or just sit around,and hope that you have nothing better to do with your time but to hang around on my journal. Ah, apathy is it's own reward.

Good to hear from ye, though.
its okay i dont like to read any way who has the time....i suggest posting in picture form only that way i can also draw my own conclusions about why your holding a feather
who takes a shower with a towel on? god what are you from some 3rd world country
Well, it was that or draw "Jon-italia". Call it artistic licence, or at least robbing you of your gender. Next time, I'll just make you a veritable Kewpie Doll, omitting the evil parts completely.
wow ...this is weak........jon dont give him ideas about making his life even more mondane and simple........

make a stroy again neil....that was hillarious ....and i know u have the

cheap bastard....
Too late. Jon's subversive views have now permeated my very way of being. From now on I'll limit posts to only when something out of the ordinary happens in my life. So in other words, it's been nice* knowing you.

* This is a phony pleasantry. I assure you it has not, in fact, been nice knowing you.
look it made him post some other things though didn't it? gaah dont make me give away more of my nafarious plan