Mr. Neil (mrneilesq) wrote,
Mr. Neil

Whose Line at PPAC!!!

I just this minute got back from Colin Mochrie and Brad Sherwood's show at the Providence Performing Arts Center. It was absolutely hilarious! They played classic Whose Line games, like "Sound Effects", "Quick Change", "Whose Line" (the specific game), Film-Theater-TV Styles, and a bunch of new games, as well, like picking a married couple from the audience and acting out their daily routine, having them stop them every time they got something right/wrong about their home life! They also played a game of "Alphabet", but get this... with 100 mousetraps set on the floor, and Brad and Colin barefoot and blindfolded! I was delighted at how consistently funny both were, even without the tight editing on the television version of Whose Line. Laugh out loud funny from beginning to end! Truly a night to remember!

And best of all...

I GOT TO MEET THEM AFTER THE SHOW!!! Granted, my inelegant "UHHH...ERRR....ULP" probably did less to wow them, as much terrify and unnerve the two performers. In any case, they were genuinely nice, despite my babbling.

The two onstage, reading lines that the audience had written.

Leaving the room, for game in which Brad collects all sorts of information from the audience that Colin must guess!

A gentleman on and off the stage, Colin signs my ticket, too!
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