Mr. Neil (mrneilesq) wrote,
Mr. Neil

On Sabbatical (a.k.a. Goofing Off)

Get ready to stuff your tear glands with kleenex...I'm going on a week-long sabbatical!
But what will you do with yourself whilst I'm away? Well, let's face it...if you come here, you must be *very* easily amused, so I recommend counting the ridges on a checker. Both provide the same amount of "laughs", and fill the void between meanial labor and sleep.

And yes...I'm aware that I usually don't post more often than once a week, making this entire entry pointless and a waste of everyone's time.

Incidently, I'll be out of the country, for anyone who wants to userpt my identity...if you want my credit card bill, you can have it...
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